Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Nuclear war


Today I saw a lady who had become obsessed with the fear that we might have a nuclear holocaust this year. What do you do with this situation? I tried to explain that it is unlikely, but I couldn't say that it certainly won't happen. What with all these problems in Ukraine and the Middle East, she told me that perhaps I should be more worried and left.

Perhaps she is right!

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  1. 40 minutes exercise 3-4 times a week + healthy living and search for a hobby?
    Personally I would suggest aerobics or park run daily even for 10 minutes and definitely volunteer to help underprivileged children. She needs to live in the now. She can't control the world.
    I'm from the Middle East and those beasts ( Isis) got less than 50 km from where I live. There is no much I can do so I guess I might as well forget about them. ( oh well thank you, now I am thinking how can I beat them. Anyway, off to bed I have notes waiting to be revised )