Friday, 20 February 2015

Definitely not pregnant


Had a flummoxed patient come in to see me today after she had been started on the progesterone only contraceptive pill (or mini-pill) three months ago. She had been asked to come back in to assess how she had been coming along with this medication and to prescribe her more. After talking about how things were going with the pill, I offered to prescribe her a years worth, so she didn't keep to have coming back

"Oh, don't worry about that doctor, I've got plenty"

Confused, I asked what she meant, as her three month period was almost up

"Oh, I have lots left thanks. They gave me all of the stock the pharmacy had - they even had to get me to come back later as there wasn't enough to give me. I have a whole bag of packets left"

I was confused as to what had happened, but on further probing it turned out that there had been confusion and the script which had been issued by us for 84 pills (3 lots of 28 = about 3 months) had been cashed in by the pharmacist for 84 packets.

~6.5 years worth of contraception.

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