Monday, 7 December 2009

The start of something big?


I am a 3rd year medical student in the UK, and was thinking I would have loved to be able to read through a 'diary' of what people got up to in medical school when I was thinking of applying, or in years below looking for inspiration to keep on with lectures waiting for that clinical experience. This post is nothing much, just something to remind me to start posting properly after Friday, some time over the Christmas holidays, as I have exams on Friday and should really be revising. I suppose this is just another form of procrastination I have devised for myself. Something I have done throughout medicine so far, unfortunately.

Anyway, If you are interested, read ahead - I will try and make weekly posts once I am back on the clinical train after Christmas, and will try and sum up the last term in the next post. Should really have started at the start of the year, but this will do.

Have a good week, and lets see if I manage to come back to this with all the work I have over Christmas as well - another good excuse to procrastinate then, perhaps.

Have a Merry Christmas if I don't post before then.