Monday, 2 February 2015



Really tough consultation today. A 44 year old lady had been coming to our practice for a few years trying to get pregnant. She had got a text asking her to make an appointment with a doctor about her recent blood test results, and came in to see me

Due to her age, she wasn't eligible for NHS assisted contraception during the last few years, and had been in and out of the surgery getting blood tests, trying to stop smoking and reduce her weight in order to improve her fertility. The blood results she had come in to hear about from me showed that she was going through the menopause and couldn't have children now. 

This was terrible news to break to her, as she really wanted a child. I think she had been in denial for some time, though, as she hadn't had a period in about 6 months. I spent over an hour talking with her while she alternated between crying and shouting at me - she felt that we had let her down and let her time run out. Being exposed to that raw emotion was scary, and I was aware that towards the end I had 5 people waiting to see me in the waiting room who could hear all the shouting and sobbing coming from the room. 

Being a GP can be emotionally draining, especially when you are questioning whether your team may be in the wrong...

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  1. God that is a heart breaking news I hope she copes well. Maybe you should go for a walk in a park internal optimist, such events throw their heavy weight on the doctor as well. At least she let some of her anger and frustration out ( too bad it was on you).
    Take care